All German Militaria

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M7057-2 East German Rifle Cleaning Kit
M08259X3 Unknown Shoulder Boards
M02QQ2 - National Emblem for East German Military Cap
M02QQ1 - Wreath and Cocade for East German Military Cap
GXN46W Kriegsmarine Fender Pennant, Unfinished
GR7N2 NSKK Driver's Diamond, 2nd Pattern
GO8207.5 Party Pennent, Printed Swastika
GND/09X Multi-Piece Cotton Party Armband
GN7ZX NSKK Flatwire Cap Eagle
GLQ Army Infantry Signal Blitz on Dark Green
GL9Q78 DJ Shoulder Strap
GL74K Luftwaffe Spec Patch for Armorers, Flight
GHJ87t7 Hitler Youth Sports Cuff Title
GFNTO Narrow Printed Party Armband
GDM7Q Fifty Year Faithful Service Medal
GD79 SS Sleeve Shield for Italian Volunteers
Item on Hold
GD179.H Tinnie for a Nazi Party Celebration in Cassel
GA3 Hand Embroidered Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle
G9QXX7.1 Army Signals Sergeant (Funkmeister) Specialty Insignia
G9QXX6.1 Army Horseshoer Specialty Insignia with Aluminum Cord Edging
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