All German Militaria

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G4631/3 Kyffhauser Bund Medal
G4421-2 SS Tropical Sleeve Eagle, BeVo
G4203D4 Army Steel Belt Buckle, B & N - 43
G4093/3 Oberschutze Rank Pip for the Unbleached HBT Work Tunic
G3752-50 Army 2 Piece Aluminum Belt Buckle
G3452/3 LW Spec Parch for Armorers in the Hermann Goring Division and Flak Units
G3402-5 SS Auxililiary Security Police Sleeve Insignia, Officer Grade
G3111-10 SS Auxililiary Security Police Cap Insignia, Officer Grade
G3072t3(CS) War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords
G29 Army Pioneer Signal Blitz on Field Gray
G23L Panzer Breast Eagle, First Pattern
G2121-5 Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle for EM and NCO's
G2051.1 Infantry EM / NCO Collar Tab for the Parade Tunic
G2013P14(CS) Infantry Assault Badge in Silver
G1162.1 SS Auxililiary Security Police Cap Insignia, EM / NCO Grade
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