All German Militaria

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G08903/2 - Silver Wound Badge
G088L93 Spec Patch for Chemical Defense Service NCO's
G08705-0 Hitler Youth Steel Belt Buckle, (RZM) M1 / 46
G08703t5 Waffen-SS Sleeve Eagle, Final Pattern
G08505.4 "Pair" of Tropical LW Signals EM Shirt Shoulder Straps
G08503.6(HC) Ground Combat Badge of the Luftwaffe
G08502X4 WWII Iron Cross First Class
G08116-5 Mayday, 1936 Tinnie
G08113t1 NSDAP Tinnie for a Rally in Trier, 1939
Item on Hold
G08107-0 Silver Wound Badge Stickpin
G08103.6 Hitler Youth Injection Molded Aluminum Belt Buckle, (RZM) M1 / 46
G08091.10 SS Collar Tab for Nordland Division
G0805HC.? War Merit Medal
G08059.12 Anschluss Medal
G08057.8 Nazi Party Members Pin M1 / 101
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