M02Q9 WWII British Brass Wound Stripe

M02Q9 WWII British Brass Wound Stripe

Gold braid wound stripes were authorized by the King in September of 1939 for wear by any wounded member of the British Commonwealth Armed Forces and certain civil services. They were worn on the lower part of the sleeve.

The gold braid wound stripes tended to wear out, so many troops purchased more durable metal ones, such as this simulated Russia braid example. It is 1 ½” long and comes with its original aluminum backing plate. I found several of these in a collection I purchased in 2002. I believe it is maker marked on the back of the stripe, but not on the backing plate.

Reference: “Wound Medals, Badges and Next – of – Kin Awards of the World” by J. M. Zabarylo, pages 6 – 8 and 29.



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