M08052t1 Imperial Japanese Enlisted Belt Buckle

M08052t1 Imperial Japanese Enlisted Belt Buckle

This belt buckle was worn by Imperial Japanese Navy Enlisted personnel during WWII. It may be a private purchase item, instead of being standard issue.

I have not been successful in finding much information on this item. I believe it was worn by both enlisted men and NCO’s. Based on pictures in Nakata and Nelson, it looks to have had one end of a cloth belt sewn to the loop. The opposite end of the cloth belt was then fed through the keeper portion and folded over at the correct tightness.

The buckle measures about 1 3/8” high x 1 1/4” wide overall. The design is that of a fouled anchor in the vertical position within a frame. It looks to be of stamped brass with a silver finish of some sort. The friction adjustment is a casting which I believe to be aluminum. I do not see any maker marks on the buckle. It is in near mint condition with just a hint of storage wear.

This is from a large estate grouping of IJN items I bought from a local picker a few years ago.

References: Personal communication from an advanced Japanese militaria collector.

Reference: "Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Uniforms and Equipment" by Tadoa Nakata and Thomas B. Nelson, page 147.

"War in the Pacific, Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay" by Bernard C. Nalty (Ed.) page 194.

$75.00 Price:


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