M8051.3 Petty Officer Second Class, Ground Crew

M8051.3 Petty Officer Second Class, Ground Crew

The Imperial Japanese Navy used this insignia to denote Petty Officers.  This is for the lowest class (2nd class). The next higher 2 had 2 and 3 horizontal bars instead of 1. The color of the enamel cherry blossom indicates what the PO’s specialty was.

The basic badge is formed by a yellow on black machine woven design. This was cut to shape and glued over a cloth backing. The edges were sewn and an enamel cherry blossom was affixed using split pins. The green color of the blossom indicates ground crew service. I suspect this was also for aircraft carrier service.

This was part of a large grouping of IJN items I obtained from a picker about 2 years ago.

Reference: "Japanese Military Uniforms, 1930 ~ 1945” by Ritta Nakanishi page 45.



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