MQ99Z8 Japanese 1914 - 1920 War Medal

MQ99Z8 Japanese 1914 - 1920 War Medal

This medal is for WWI service to include post 1918 service in Siberia.

Metal parts of this medal are blackened bronze. The swivel suspension is of the design used for several medals of the period from the mid 1800's to 1945.

The front has crossed rising sun flags below the imperial chrysanthemum crest flanked by paulonia sprays. The reverse has Japanese characters. It is suspended from a silk ribbon with equal width dark blue / white / dark blue stripes. The ribbon reverse has the original hook and eye for mounting.

The medal shows some soil and age to the ribbon.

Reference: "Orders and Medals of Japan and Associated States, 3rd Edition," by James W. Peterson (An OMSA monograph), 48.

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