M4257D5 WWII Era Swiss Rifle Cleaning Kit

M4257D5 WWII Era Swiss Rifle Cleaning Kit

The complete Swiss WWII era rifle cleaning kit also includes a sectional brass cleaning rod and a brush with cover.  Those parts are not meant to fit in this pouch.

The kit comes in a gray/brown cloth pouch with a brown plastic button and loop. The pouch is about 4" x 5" and has a belt loop on the back. The pouch is not marked. Inside we have 5 items:

Patches for cleaning, uncut and folded
A screw top can of grease
A pull through of white cord with a brass end piece
A steel chamber cleaning tool
A small mirror

The grease can has instructions printed on a yellow label in 3 languages. They appear to be German, French and Italian. The grease can has an applicator attached to the inner side of the cap.

The photo I found of this kit does not show the mirror, nor is it included in the descriptive writeup. It may have been added by the individual soldier.

There is some grease soiling to much of the kit and the grease can has a few dents as well as some wear.

Reference: "Field Equipment of the Infantry, 1914 - 1945" pages 214-215, by Robert Fisch.



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