Badges and Medals

GDM7Q Fifty Year Faithful Service Medal
G7253/2 Hindenburg Cross for Next of Kin
G6547/2 RADwJ Brooch for War Helper
G5122D2 Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941 / 1942.
G4631/3 Kyffhauser Bund Medal
G3072t3(CS) War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords
G2013P14(CS) Infantry Assault Badge in Silver
G09101.5 WWII Iron Cross Second Class
G08903/2 - Silver Wound Badge
G08503.6(HC) Ground Combat Badge of the Luftwaffe
G08502X4 WWII Iron Cross First Class
G08107-0 Silver Wound Badge Stickpin
G0805HC.? War Merit Medal
G08059.12 Anschluss Medal
G08057.8 Nazi Party Members Pin M1 / 101
G08056.8 Nazi Party Member’s Pin M1 / 77
G08 Nazi Women's Badge, Type III
G07101.11 - Gold Mother's Cross, Cased
G06051.5 Luftwaffe Combined Pilot's and Observer's Badge in Cloth
G0227-1 NSKK Wartime Female Driver's Badge
G06252X2 Armed Forces 4 Year Service Medal

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