G03182/1 NSKK OS Cap Eagle, Vermillion

G03182/1 NSKK OS Cap Eagle, Vermillion

Mint, uncut flatwire / BeVo insignia for the black NSKK overseas cap. I have several of these NSKK overseas cap eagles with the red background, all from the same roll. Therefore the eagle you receive may not be the one in the photograph.

The NSKK branch color exhibited as the background on this insignia is vermillion (red with an orange cast). This color was worn by the staff of motorgruppe Ostland and the staff of motorgruppe Schlesien through 1941. The branch color worn by Dutch NSKK volunteers was described as red. Given the similarities between the two colors, left over vermilion triangles may have actually been worn by Dutch volunteers. Reference: Angolia and Littlejohn's NSKK / NSFK book. This item was obtained in a large group of original WWII German war souvenirs obtained from a picker in Missouri's lead belt area.

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