G08 Nazi Women's Badge, Type III

G08 Nazi Women's Badge, Type III

This badge is for a member of the National Socialist Women’s League (N.S. Frauenschaft). It is of the third pattern, and the smaller of two sizes.

Initially these were enameled, but during the war years, they were made of painted zinc.

This triangular pinback badge is made of die struck zinc with painted highlights. It is about 1 7/8" high x 7/8" wide and stands on its point. The design is of a life rune below a sunwheel swastika on a black background with the words "N.S. Frauenschaft" in red above.

The vertical pin is crimped in place. The back is marked RZM M1 / 185.

This piece is from a large estate sale grouping I purchased in the early 1990's. This group was heavy in political items.

Reference: "One People, One Reich, Enameled Organizational Badges of Germany 1918 - 1945" by J. R. Cone, pages 38 through 49.

$30.00 Price:


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