G08057.8 Nazi Party Members Pin M1 / 101

G08057.8 Nazi Party Members Pin M1 / 101

This pin signified membership in the Nazi Party, the NSDAP (National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartie / National Socialist German Worker’s Party). It was for wear on civilian clothes and party related uniforms.  The basic design remained unchanged from the early 1920’s through 1945, but materials of construction changed from silvered brass with an enamel finish to painted zinc. Details such as markings, attachments and diameter were not fixed until RZM standardization occurred in about 1934 or earlier.

The basic design of a standard party pin is: 23” diameter, vaulted, horizontal pin, M1 / XXX (XXX represents the maker’s code). It has a black swastika standing on a point in a white circle. Around the swastika is a red band containing the wording “National Sozialistische D.A.P.”

This pin is a wartime example of painted zinc. It is vaulted with a crimped in pin. The reverse is marked (RZM) M1 / 101. The pin is in near mint condition with about 98% paint. The unpainted zinc is mostly bright and shiny.

RZM M1 / 101 is the firm of Gustav Brehmer located in Markneukirchen.

Reference: Party Enamel, by Michael Tucker.



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