G08059.12 Anschluss Medal

G08059.12 Anschluss Medal

This is the first of the “Flower Wars” medals awarded for participation in the occupation of Austria (Anschluss) on March 13, 1938.

Silvered planchet has a front design that is common to all 3 Flower Wars medals. It shows a German carrying the banner of Nazism helping an oppressed person break the chains of bondage and achieve his rightful place in the National Socialist world. The reverse has the slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" and the date "13 Marz 1938. The watered silk ribbon is red with thin white / black / white stripes at both edges.

The medal has vey light age to the die struck planchet.

Reference: "For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Military Awards of the Third Reich" by LTC. John R. Angolia, pages 54 - 57.

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