G0805HC.? War Merit Medal

G0805HC.? War Merit Medal

The Kriegsverdienstmedaille (War Merit Medal) was instituted in 1940 to recognize superior war effort by civilians, principally workers in factories producing war materials.

The medal consists of a die struck 34mm diameter bronze disc having a Maltese cross with a wreathed swastika in the center on the obverse side and "Fur Kriegs-Verdienst 1939" on the reverse. It is suspended from a ribbon having red outer stripes with white stripes next to them. The center of the ribbon is black with a thin red center stripe.

This example is unmarked (most aren't) with a ribbon exhibiting fading to the red, which is also quite common. The medal is mint, but the ribbon shows minor age.

I recently purchased this medal at a local show in a group of duplicates from a local re-enactor / collector.

References: "The War Merit Cross" by Gordon Williamson and Josef Charita, pages 39 - 46.

"For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Military Awards of the Third Reich” by John R. Angolia, page306 - 307.

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