G08113t1 NSDAP Tinnie for a Rally in Trier, 1939

G08113t1 NSDAP Tinnie for a Rally in Trier, 1939

This tinnie is for a Gau level political rally on June 9 through 11, 1939 in Westmark at Trier. I view a Gau as a district about like a state in the U.S. political system. It is a vertical rectangle depicting a party eagle overlooking a line of dragon’s teeth tank traps on the Westwall defensive line near Trier.

It is about 1' wide and 1 3/4" high and made of die struck aluminum with blackened highlights. The vertical pin is crimped in.

This particular tinnie was made of an aluminum alloy that has not withstood salt from finger prints and humidity in the air. This example exhibits modest oxidation for this badge. I believe this is because the blackening is heavier than on some badges.

The back is marked RZM M9 / 41. M9 is the RZM code for tinnies and 41 is the code for Julius Maurer G.m.b.H. of Oberstein. The RZM mark is the single ring style and is quite prominent. The code number is harder to see.

References: "Collector's Guide No. 1, Tinnies of the Third Reich", by Foxhole Staff, pages 22 and 23.

"A Collector's Guide to the RZM Marks of the NSDAP" by Stephen Lautens, Pages 82 and 83.

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