G08705-0 Hitler Youth Steel Belt Buckle, (RZM) M1 / 46

G08705-0 Hitler Youth Steel Belt Buckle, (RZM) M1 / 46

This buckle is a standard pattern silver painted steel Hitler Youth buckle made after 1940. It is a one piece buckle with an integral roundel showing a drop wing eagle holding a Hitler Youth diamond in its claws. Around the top of the roundel is the HJ motto, “Blut und Ehre” (Blood and Honor.)

This buckle is in near mint unissued condition with only slight corrosion, mostly to the front.

The catch is the steel normal wire catch with ends flattened to form feet. It is brazed to the steel body. The roll bar consists of a steel pin with a steel shroud holding steel prongs in place.

This buckle is marked "RZM M4/46" on the catch end (Wilhelm Schroder & Cie, Ludenscheid). The RZM is in a single circle.

The paint on the front of the buckle is about 85 - 90%. The back side has 98%+ paint.



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