G08LZ5 SS (or Army Panzer) Rank Pip

G08LZ5 SS (or Army Panzer) Rank Pip

This is an SS-Oberschutze rank pip.  It is machine embroidered on a 2 1/8″ diameter black wool disc.  It has a dark gray cotton backing.

This insignia could also be worn by an army panzer oberschutze on the black wrapper.

Pet Peeve(!) - Some will say that presenting this as an SS insignia is a blatant attempt to upgrade a more common army insignia. I contend that there were far more SS-Oberschutzes than army panzer oberschutzes who were authorized to wear the black panzer wrapper. Hence the army version is actually rarer. Having said this, it's all academic anyway because the two services used absolutely identical Oberschutze rank pips. (Thank you for reading my rant.)

Reference: "Cloth Insignia of the SS" by LTC (Ret.) John R. Angolia, page 27.



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