G09101.5 WWII Iron Cross Second Class

G09101.5 WWII Iron Cross Second Class

The award of the Iron Cross second class had to precede the ward of the Iron Cross first class or higher.

The front of the cross shows the date of institution (1939) at the bottom and a mobile swastika (standing on a point) in the center. The rear of the cross has the date of institution for the original iron cross, which is 1813. The jump ring is either unmarked or it may have a maker mark on it. This maker mark may be difficult to read.

The basic cross is made of an iron or brass core painted black within a two piece frame of silvered metal, usually brass.  Both the front and back halves of the frame are cut out to show the iron core.  It measures about 1 3/4” square.

The ribbon has black outer stripes followed by white stripes. The center is a wide red stripe.

This is a nice example of the WWII Iron Cross second class. The flat black paint on the iron core is about 98%, but shows alligatoring from age. The frame shows some patina. The ribbon is in excellent shape with essentially no wear. However, there are a couple of stains, one obviously from an old price sticker. These stains might come out with lighter fluid or cleaning fluid.

This cross is not maker marked.

I bought this cross from a local military collectables shop without a ribbon. The cross was part of a great WWII Veteran’s estate, and I added the ribbon from my small box of original parts.

Reference: The Iron Cross, by Gordon Williamson.

$150.00 Price:


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