G11052.6 Army Steel Buckle

G11052.6 Army Steel Buckle

This is a classic wartime steel army combat buckle. The belt buckle is a single piece steel stamping. In the center of the integral roundel is a drop wing army pattern eagle. Around the eagle is an oak leaf half wreath and the traditional German Army ”Gott Mit Uns” motto above the wreath.

This buckle is lightly used but was stored improperly leading to some surface rust and paint loss. The field gray paint coverage is probably 70% on the front.

The catch is the normal steel wire catch with ends flattened to form feet. It is brazed to the steel body. The roll bar consists of a steel pin with a steel shroud holding steel prongs in place.

This buckle is unmarked.

Reference: "German Belt Buckles 1845 - 1945" by Peter Nash.



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