G2013P14(CS) Infantry Assault Badge in Silver

G2013P14(CS) Infantry Assault Badge in Silver

The Infantry Assault in silver was instituted late in 1939. It was awarded for 3 separate infantry actions on 3 separate days. In 1940 a bronze grade was added basically for motorized infantry units. In addition to Army units, it was also awarded to Waffen – SS units.

The badge consisted of a vertical oakleaf wreath tied at the bottom, with a drop wing army eagle at the top. A rifle with a fixed bayonet and sling ran from about 4 o’clock to 11 o’clock. A vertical pin secured the badge to the wearer’s tunic.

There is a wide array of makers and construction details for this badge. They may be thin stamped pieces, die cast, die struck, flat back or scooped out. Early badges may be brass, painted or plated. Later examples are normally zinc with a bronze or silver wash. Badges may be maker marked or unmarked.

This is an unmarked silver grade badge in zinc as manufactured by Gottlieb Wagner. It has traces of its original silver remaining. The needle pin has a sheet metal hinge that is crimped into the badge. The catch consisted of a wire catch soldered to a metal plate that was crimped into the badge. However, the wire catch is missing from the rectangular plate which is still crimped into the badge.

I obtained this medal in a large militaria collection I purchased in 2002 / 2003.

References: "For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Military Awards of the Third Reich” by John R. Angolia, pages 80 through 84.

"The Infantry Assault Badges" by Sascha Weber, pages 28 - 29.

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