G5051.7 SS Mountain Troops Sleeve Edelweiss

G5051.7 SS Mountain Troops Sleeve Edelweiss

Traditionally, Mountain troops of the German and Austrian armies wear a mountain flower, the edelweiss, as their insignia. Mountain Troops of the Waffen-SS wore an edelweiss on the left side of the mountain cap and on the upper right sleeve.  This is the sleeve insignia.

This insignia consists of a machine embroidered edelweiss in silver gray thread with a golden yellow center on black wool with a thin silver gray border. It is about 3" high, and in near mint condition.

GI's brought back many examples of mint unissued SS insignia from the SS supply depots at Dachau, This is one of them.

Reference: "Cloth Insignia of the SS" by LTC. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, pages 421 - 425.

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