G5122D2 Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941 / 1942.

G5122D2 Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941 / 1942.

This medal was awarded to all troops that survived the first terrible winter in Russia, regardless of branch of service.   

The design of this medal is quite attractive.  It is basically a 1 3/8” diameter disc with a profile of the distinctive German coal scuttle helmet resting on a potato masher grenade. The main design in the center of the disc is a German drop wing eagle perched on a swastika in the static position (a flat side down). Behind the swastika is a sprig of laurel leaves. The reverse has the wording “Winterschlacht im Osten 1941 / 42” above a crossed sword and laurel sprig.  The planchet is flat gray with a silver wash on the rim, helmet and grenade, which has normally faded to gray with age. The medal is usually unmarked, but may have a maker mark on the jump ring.  The ribbon is red with a thin black center stripe flanked by thin white stripes.

This maker marked example is in very solid shape. Neither the ribbon nor the planchet has any damage. The ribbon has virtually no wear. The silver on the planchet has faded to gray. This maker seems to have put some sort of a protective coating on the medal, which is about 70% on the front but only traces remain on the reverse. The jump ring is marked, but it is not a clear strike, and I can't quite make it out.

Reference: "For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Military Awards of the Third Reich” by John R. Angolia, pages 69 to 71.

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