G5701D2 SS Sleeve Shield for Latvian Volunteers

G5701D2 SS Sleeve Shield for Latvian Volunteers

This sleeve shield was worn by Latvian volunteers in the Waffen-SS.  It depicts the Latvian flag with a red field and a diagonal white bar  ”Latvija” appears at the top left of the shield. Latvian volunteers served principally in the 15th and 19 Waffen-SS divisions, ( “Latvian Nr. 1″ and “Latvian Nr. 2″) .

This is the standard Dachau produced variety, which is machine embroidered on black wool. Many of these have become skewed through the years, as this example has.

GI's brought back many examples of mint unissued SS insignia from the SS supply depots at Dachau, This is one of them.

Reference: "Cloth Insignia of the SS" by LTC. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, pages 349 - 351 and 355 - 356.



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