G6053.7 Wartime Army 2 Piece Belt Buckle

G6053.7 Wartime Army 2 Piece Belt Buckle

This 2 piece belt buckle is made of a stamped zinc body with a steel roundel.    In the middle of the round center piece is an army drop wing pattern eagle.  Around the eagle is an oak leaf  half wreath and the traditional ”Gott Mit Uns” motto above it.  This piece is attached to a pebbled buckle body with 4 prongs.

Two piece buckles were meant for dress wear and for wear outside of combat. Early 2 piece buckles were made of aluminum. Later (wartime) examples were identical, except made of zinc or other materials not limited by the war effort such as steel.

This buckle is in excellent condition. The center piece has no rust. The integral catch has slight wear from the keeper on the opposite end of the belt. The buckle is unmarked, which is not uncommon for this design. There is slight oxidaton to the front of the buckle, near the sides.

The roll bar consists of a steel pin with a steel shroud holding steel prongs in place.



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