G6501-5 Luftwaffe 2 Piece Zinc Belt Buckle

G6501-5 Luftwaffe 2 Piece Zinc Belt Buckle

This belt buckle is made of stamped Zinc originally painted silver. It consists of a second pattern Luftwaffe eagle within an oval wreath attached to a pebbled buckle body with 4 prongs.  This buckle saw much action.  It did not sit out the war on a store shelf.

I believe two piece buckles were meant for dress wear and for wear outside of combat. Early 2 piece buckles were made of aluminum. Later (wartime) examples were identical, except made of zinc. As the war went on, it was not uncommon for Luftwaffe personnel not normally engaged in combat to be thrown into combat units. I suspect many of these troops wore these non-combat 2 piece buckles. Therefore we see quite a few 2 piece Luftwaffe zinc buckles with hard use.

The front has perhaps 10% of the silver remaining and the front plate has been dented. The integral catch has wear from the hook on the opposite end of the belt. The buckle is unmarked, which is proper for this design. The back has 2 indentations ffrom the prongs which hold the buckle to the leather belt.

The roll bar consists of a steel pin with a steel shroud holding steel prongs in place.

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