G6507.7 SS Die Struck Aluminum Belt Buckle, (RZM) 822/38 (SS)

G6507.7 SS Die Struck Aluminum Belt Buckle, (RZM) 822/38 (SS)

This buckle is a standard pattern die struck aluminum SS belt buckle. It was manufactured in 1938. It is a one piece buckle with an integral roundel showing a unique spread wing eagle holding a wreath and swastika in its claws. Around the bottom of the roundel is the SS motto, “Meine Ehre heist Treue!” (My Honor is Loyalty!).

This buckle is in very good condition with moderate wear consistent with field use.

The catch is die struck along with the rest of the body. The slot for the hook is then machined into the "bump". The roll bar consists of a steel pin with an aluminum shroud holding aluminum prongs in place.

This buckle is marked "RZM 822/38 SS" on the catch end (unknown maker, 1938). The RZM is in a double circle and the runes are in a single thin circle.

This solid aluminum belt buckles was not painted.

SS aluminum belt buckles marked RZM 822/38 SS is highly faked. To make matters difficult, the original wartime manufacturer used at least 3 if not 4 variations of trademark on his buckles. This buckle shows wear consistent with field use. The back side shows wear almost exclusively where the belt rubbed against the buckle and on the catch where the hook end engaged it. The front shows significant overall wear consistent with ground contact, etc. The aluminum is bright and shiny, not gray as was used with many of the reproductions. The prongs show striations from the wire drawing process and are devoid of casting pits. Dimensions match those of known original (vet or estate purchase) non SS die struck aluminum buckles in my collection. (Except for the width at the catch end where the top buckle edge is bent slightly outward. It is a twin to one in my collection.

Reference: "German Belt Buckles 1845 - 1945" by Peter Nash.

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