G6547/2 RADwJ Brooch for War Helper

G6547/2 RADwJ Brooch for War Helper

This badge was instituted in 1941 for girls who volunteered to work for 6 months in support of the war effort after completing their obligatory 6 months in the Reich labor service (RAD).

The design of this badge is that of the female RAD (A swastika standing on a point flanked by ears of wheat on the bottom 2 sides) with a ribbon bearing the lettering "RADwJ". This stands for Reichsarbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend / National Labor Service for Young Women).

The horizontal pin and its C shaped wire catch were both soldered to small round plates prior to soldering to the badge. This allowed for a more solid attachment to the badge.

This pin back badge was made of dull gray pot metal and is unmarked.

It has a few whitish spots of oxidation on the reverse, other than that it is close to mint condition.

Reference: “Labor Organizations of the Third Reich” by J.R. Angolia and David Littlejohn pages 471 through 473.



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