G7053.5 Field Police Sleeve Eagle

G7053.5 Field Police Sleeve Eagle

The WWII German military police (feldgendarmerie) wore the police sleeve eagle in orange on the upper left sleeve. This was in addition to the normal national eagle above the right pocket. The police sleeve eagle consisted of an eagle holding a wreathed swastika all within a larger oval wreath.  The color of the eagle and wreath determined what type of police organization the individual belonged to.  Military Police wore orange.

This example is machine embroidered in orange thread on field gray wool. It has a black machine embroidered swastika. I believe orange police eagles on field gray instead of police green (more of a blue green) were worn by military police or by some rural police who were issued field gray uniforms during the war.

I purchased this example from the veteran's daughter. It has some light soiling, mostly to the reverse, but no real damage.

Reference: "Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army1933-1945, Volume 1" by John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht, page 270.



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