G7053.5 SA Tinnie for Gruppe Hochland, 1939

G7053.5 SA Tinnie for Gruppe Hochland, 1939

This stunning bronze finished day badge was for an SA war sports competition held by Group Hochland in 1939. Hochland was a mountain group, hence the edelweiss (the traditional symbol of Germen and Austrian mountain troops) figures prominently in the design.

The design consists of a large edelweiss behind a short sword (similar to a Roman gladius) within a ring bearing the words "SA - Gruppe Hochland" and "SA - Gruppen Wettkampfe". The combined "SA" logo is over the sword's hilt at the 6 o'clock position. It measures a little over 2" tall.

It is a crisp stamping with a hollow reverse. The pin is located in a vertical position. It is maker marked "(RZM) M9/3" and "Klotz u. Kienast Muncen".

The tinnie is in near mint condition.

As one's collection grows, one sometimes forgets exactly what one has in his collection. That's how I obtained this one. I goofed and bought a duplicate.



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