G7121-1 WWII German Army Insignia for a Former TeNo Member

G7121-1 WWII German Army Insignia for a Former TeNo Member

This original WWII German insignia was worn by TeNo personnel on active duty with the German army, or by army troops who were former TeNo members, or perhaps army technical troops, or perhaps all of the above.  The experts seem to disagree, which probably means the necessary historical documents have yet to be found.

Based on my interpretation of what I've read, the Technische Nothilfe (TeNo) or Technical Emergency Corps was charged with assisting local authorities get infrastructure working after a disaster, mad-made or naturally occurring. (They would help get power, water, sewers, etc. working again.) Later in the war, the TeNo was associated with the SS and reported to Himmler.

The insignia is BeVo construction (machine woven), silver gray thread on a dark green background. It is in near mint, uncut condition.

The design of this piece consists of the TeNo gear insignia within an oak leaf wreath. The TeNo insignia consists of a bear surmounted by "T" with an "N" in front of it.

Reference: "Defending the Reich" by David Littlejohn, chapter 11.

Reference: "Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army1933-1945, Volume 2" by John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht, pages 94.

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