G7253/2 Hindenburg Cross for Next of Kin

G7253/2 Hindenburg Cross for Next of Kin

The Hindenburg cross (Official name “Cross of Honor 1914 – 18″) was instituted in 1934 by President Hindenburg (Hitler was chancellor at the time.) It was available to combatants (bronze with swords), non-combatants (bronze without swords) and for next of kin (black without swords).

The cross has 4 arms with a wreath in the center. Within the wreath are the dates "1914 1918" on two lines. The back is plain except for the maker mark. This is identical to the version for non-combatants, except that it is painted satin black. The ribbon is similar to that awarded to veterans, but the colors are switched around. The basic ribbon is white with a center red stripe. There are 2 black stripes, one on each side of the red stripe with a white stripe between them.

The paint on this example is near 100% (perhaps 98%?). The ribbon has a pair of small holes where it was pinned so something at one time, and has slight age yellowing.

It is maker marked "W.R." on the reverse, at the bottom.

Reference: "Orders, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the Third Reich" by David Littlejohn and Col. C.M. Dodkins, pages 211 and 212.

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