G7801t5 Political Leader Armband, Ortsgruppe

G7801t5 Political Leader Armband, Ortsgruppe

This is a beautiful high grade Nazi party official’s armband in wool and ribbed silk like materials. This example is piped in light blue for Orts level (Local level; I liken it to a township in our political system.) This would have been worn by a political leader candidate, the entry level.

The swastika is made of 2 lengths of black ribbed silk folded to shape and sewn to a white ribbed silk disc. This disc is zig zag stitched to a high grade red wool armband. The armband top and bottom edges are hemmed. Then light blue piping is zig zag stitched to both the top and bottom. It is 5" wide and 20" long.

The armband is in near mint condition. There are no moth holes and negligible age.

Reference: "Cloth Insignia of the NSDAP and SA" by LTC. (Ret.) John R. Angolia, page 64.



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