G8301-15 Tinnie for a 1939 Franconian SA Competition

G8301-15 Tinnie for a 1939 Franconian SA Competition

This tinnie commemorates the 1939 war sports day of the Franconian SA in 1939.

It is about 1 5/8" diameter and made of die struck aluminum. The horizontal pin is crimped in.

This particular tinnie was made of an aluminum alloy that has not withstood salt from finger prints and humidity in the air. Heavy corrosion in the form of aluminum oxide is the norm for this tinnie. This example exhibits moderate oxidation for this badge

The back is marked RZM M9 / 3, and "L. Chr. Lauer / Nurnberg . Berlin" (L. Christian Lauer). M9 is the RZM code for tinnies and 3 is the code for L. Christian Lauer.

References: "Collector's Guide No. 1, Tinnies of the Third Reich", by Foxhole Staff, pages 181 and 182.

"A Collector's Guide to the RZM Marks of the NSDAP" by Stephen Lautens, Page 82.

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