G89207-3 Badge for the 5th National Party Day Rally at Nuremberg, 1933

G89207-3 Badge for the 5th National Party Day Rally at Nuremberg, 1933

This solid bronze badge was for the 5th national Nazi Party day at Nuremberg in 1933. Its design features an eagle with down turned wings holding a wreathed swastika in its talons above the skyline of the city of Nuremberg.

This early, very detailed bronze badge is of heavy solid die struck solid back construction. It is completely devoid of marks of any type.

The vertical pin looks to have been resoldered in what is probably a period repair. I think this is a testimonial as to how heavy this badge is. Thin, stamped original badges exist, and I believe this was done to decrease weight in later badges.

It is about 2" high and 1 3/8" wide. The only wear or damage is at the bottom where there are some marks, possibly from a file.

Note: It was not terribly uncommon for GI's to disassemble daggers looking for diamonds hidden in the bottom fittings of party form daggers or to be sure badges weren't made of solid gold with a plating to disguise their true value. They "knew" the Nazi's commonly did this. Such was the folk lore of the day!

This badge was in my personal collection from the late 1980's until recently when I obtained a minty example in an estate grouping.

Reference: "Collector's Guide No. 1, Tinnies of the Third Reich", by Foxhole Staff, pages 12 and 13.

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