GA3 Hand Embroidered Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle

GA3 Hand Embroidered Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle

The Kriegsmarine national emblem was worn on the right breast by all ranks.  It consists of a spread wing eagle clutching a swastika within a wreath.

This example of the EM / NCO breast eagle is hand embroidered in a silky golden yellow cord thread on navy blue wool using a cardboard template (unterlagen). Light brown accent threads were added to provide details. It has a dark blue backing. This is a high quality private purchase piece, normally worn by NCO's. (They had a few more Reichmarks to spend!)

The bird is in excellent condition, the only damage being a broken thread in the swastika. I suspect the veteran who brought this back nailed it to something for display.

Reference: "Kriegsmarine Uniforms and Traditions, Volume 1" by John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht, pages 211 through 226.

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