GDM7Q Fifty Year Faithful Service Medal

GDM7Q Fifty Year Faithful Service Medal

The Faithful Service Medals were instituted to recognize long service to one employer. There were 3 grades: silver for 25 years, gold for 40 years and a special grade in gold and silver for 50 years.

The design was that of a cross with an oakleaf wreath behind it and a black enamel swastika in a box at the center of the cross.  The special grade was in silver with a gilt wreath.  The 50 year also had the number “50″ in gold on the upper arm of the cross. There is a box in the center of the reverse side of all 3 grades. It states “Fur Treue Dienst” (for loyal service) on the silver and gold grades and ”Fur Treue Arbeit” (for loyal work) on  the special grade.

All 3 grades were suspended from identical cornflower blue ribbons.

This is an excellent example of an original 50 year faithful service cross. Many fakes exist, but the originals have a distinctively gold wreath, not a coppery one as is on the fakes.

This medal has slight wear to the polished highlights of the medal and a few minor chips to the black enamel swastika. The original mounting pin is missing a couple of stitches, but this can easily be fixed.

I found this medal in St. Louis's antique district, Cherokee Row.

Reference: "For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Political & Civil Awards of the Third Reich” by LTC (Retired) John R. Angolia, pages 139 through 145.

$450.00 Price:


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