GL9Q78 DJ Shoulder Strap

GL9Q78 DJ Shoulder Strap

The Deutsch Jugend (DJ, German Youth) was for boys not old enough for the Hitler Youth (HJ).  Its relationship to the HJ may be compared in some ways to the Cub Scouts’ relationship to the Boy Scouts.  Each shoulder strap had a designation of the boy’s unit.

This is a sew-in shoulder strap for a boy in Bann 83 located in Kassel. It has the Bann number machine woven in white on an artificial silk backing which forms the top of the strap. The bottom is black wool. It has black artificial silk piping.

These were not worn in pairs.

The strap shows light wear and a stain to the top.

Reference: "Handbook of the Hitler-Jugend" by Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris, pages 313 to 327 and 663.



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