GO8207.5 Party Pennent, Printed Swastika

GO8207.5 Party Pennent, Printed Swastika

This two sided party pennant is 6 1/2″ high and 11″ long. The swastikas are printed on a 3″ diameter white cotton circles.  These are sewn to the single thickness red cotton pennant. It has a hemmed edge.

There is some sort of stiffener along the spine. There are mounting rings both top and bottom. The bottom ring is brass, about 5/8" diameter and is original to the flag. The top ring is a wartime replacement. It is some sort of fiber, hand sewn to the pennant with black thread instead of res as was used on the top.

The pennant has some soiling and one pinhead size hole below the swastika disc.

$125.00 Price:


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