GR7N2 NSKK Driver's Diamond, 2nd Pattern

GR7N2 NSKK Driver's Diamond, 2nd Pattern

This insignia was worn on the lower left sleeve by those members of the NSKK who were qualified drivers. An earlier pattern exists.

The driver's diamond is machine woven in aluminum thread on a black silk backing (flatwire construction). The cloth diamond is then wrapped around a diamond shaped stiffening pad and the edges sewn.

This example retains its light blue A4 / 12 RZM tag. There are several other numbers stamped on the RZM tag, the purpose of which is unknown to me, unless the "0,29" is the price (29 Pfennigs).

The diamond is in excellent condition with no age or wear.

Reference: "NSKK, NSFK Uniforms, Organization & History" by John R. Angolia and David Littlejohn, pages 104 - 109.



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