GXN46W Kriegsmarine Fender Pennant, Unfinished

GXN46W Kriegsmarine Fender Pennant, Unfinished

This isĀ an unfinished example of a pennant that was flown from the fender of an automobile when a Kriegsmarine officer was in it.

This is an unfinished half of the pennant. It consists of a triangular piece of blue ribbed material with a chain stitched eagle in golden yellow thread and a white cotton backing. It measures 9 3/4" high and 12 1/2 " long. The finished pennant would have had additional colors of thread to complete the eagle and a second side. There would also have been a yellow border, an internal wire frame and hardware for mounting.

It is in excellent condition with only minor wear and light yellow stains to the white side.

I found this at a local flea market.

Reference: "Kriegsmarine Uniforms and Traditions, Volume 3" by John R. Angolia and Adolf Schlicht, pages 313 through 317.



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