Militaria Insignia

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GLQ Army Infantry Signal Blitz on Dark Green
GL74K Luftwaffe Spec Patch for Armorers, Flight
GD79 SS Sleeve Shield for Italian Volunteers
Item on Hold
GA3 Hand Embroidered Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle
G9QXX7.1 Army Signals Sergeant (Funkmeister) Specialty Insignia
G9QXX6.1 Army Horseshoer Specialty Insignia with Aluminum Cord Edging
G9217-1 Luftwaffe Sport Shirt Eagle
G9113-1 Spec Patch for Air Signal Equipment NCO
G9103/2 Kriegsmarine Spec Patch for Coastal Artillery
G9052t1 LW Spec Patch for a Motor Vehicle Driver
G90217-1 Army Panzer Second Lt. Shoulder Boards
G80 Army Artillery Signal Blitz on Dark Green
G7822/2 SS Sleeve Eagle, Printed Variety
G7121-1 WWII German Army Insignia for a Former TeNo Member
G7103.2 WWII German Army Gunner's Insignia
G6501.4 Army Flag Bearer's Sleeve Insignia, Infantry
G5701D2 SS Sleeve Shield for Latvian Volunteers
G5453D3 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle for EM and NCO's
G5113-2 WWII German Army Obergeffreiter Chevron on Dark Green
G5101D2 Field Police Sleeve Eagle
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