Militaria Insignia

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G6501.4 Army Flag Bearer's Sleeve Insignia, Infantry
G5701D2 SS Sleeve Shield for Latvian Volunteers
G5453D3 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle for EM and NCO's
G5113-2 WWII German Army Obergeffreiter Chevron on Dark Green
G5101D2 Field Police Sleeve Eagle
G5053.4 Luftwaffe Medical NCO Shoulder Strap
G5052.4 WWII German Army Breast Eagle for the Rock
G5051.7 SS Mountain Troops Sleeve Edelweiss
Item on Hold
G4421-2 SS Tropical Sleeve Eagle, BeVo
G4093/3 Oberschutze Rank Pip for the Unbleached HBT Work Tunic
G3452/3 LW Spec Parch for Armorers in the Hermann Goring Division and Flak Units
G3402-5 SS Auxililiary Security Police Sleeve Insignia, Officer Grade
G3111-10 SS Auxililiary Security Police Cap Insignia, Officer Grade
G29 Army Pioneer Signal Blitz on Field Gray
G23L Panzer Breast Eagle, First Pattern
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