Thrid Reich

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G09052/2 Heer Trapezoid for the M43 Cap
G08ZZ7-9 Army Panzer Captain's Shoulder Boards, Pair
G08Q73.1 Panzer Breast Eagle, Second Pattern
G08o27d WWII German Army Eagle for the Black Panzer Caps
G08LZ5 SS (or Army Panzer) Rank Pip
G08L7Z9 Motor or Armor Mechanic 1st Class Specialty Patch
G08903/2 - Silver Wound Badge
G088L93 Spec Patch for Chemical Defense Service NCO's
G08705-0 Hitler Youth Steel Belt Buckle, (RZM) M1 / 46
G08703t5 Waffen-SS Sleeve Eagle, Final Pattern
G08505.4 "Pair" of Tropical LW Signals EM Shirt Shoulder Straps
G08503.6(HC) Ground Combat Badge of the Luftwaffe
G08502X4 WWII Iron Cross First Class
G08116-5 Mayday, 1936 Tinnie
G08113t1 NSDAP Tinnie for a Rally in Trier, 1939
Item on Hold
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