U.S. 1930's, WW II & Korean

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U7018-1 - United States WWII Victory Medal
U6088D8 WWII Era Gym Bag
U6057 WWII U.S. Navy Sheath Knife, Mk 1, Camillus
U6031t50 - WWII USAAF Officer's TW Crush Cap
U6022-1 Chinese Training and Combat Command
U5255D2 American Defense Service Medal, with FLEET Bar
U5153D3(AW) 150th Regimental Combat Team
U5141-10 Canteen Adapter for Attaching a Canteen to a Saddle
U5121D3(AW) 474th Inf Rgt / 74th Regimental Combat Team
U5102D2 WWII Era U.S. Army Officer's Overseas Cap
U5091D3(AW) SCARWAF (Special Catagory Army With Air Force)
U5051.5 USAAF Gloves, WWII Type A9 or A9A
U5041-1(AW) WWII Era U.S. Army Jacket Patch
U5033-3(AW) European Theater of Operations, Advanced Base
U5032-0(AW) European Civil Affairs
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