U02031/10 Seventh Service Command on Twill

U02031/10 Seventh Service Command on Twill

The 7th service command was responsible for most of the Midwest during WWII.

This is a variation of the standard insignia that was worn during WWII. Photographic evidence shows it was worn by both enlisted personnel and officers.

The 7 points suggests the numeric designation of the unit.

It is machine embroidered in white on dark blue twill with a reinforced edge. It has a white mesh backing. The patch is in unissued condition.

I bought a few of these at a flea market sponsored by a local high school band as a fund raiser.

Reference: "Sleeve Shoulder Insignia of the U.S. Armed Forces 1941-1945" by Smith and Pelz, plate 13.

$12.00 Price:


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