U02QQN3 WAVES Collar Insignia

U02QQN3 WAVES Collar Insignia

This is a pair of collar insignia worn by women in the U. S. Navy on the blue dress uniform. The design is a vertical white fouled anchor superimposed on a light blue three bladed propeller, all on a 1⅝” diameter navy blue wool disc.

I believe these to be of post WWII origin, so the acronym "WAVES" may not really correct. WAVES stands for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service. I am uncertain of the exact age of these insignia, but I know they were worn until at least the late 1960's. None of the thread is black light responsive, so I suspect they are from the late 1950's or 1960's. The backs are coated with a glue like substance.

Reference: "Dressed for Duty, America's Women in Uniform 1898 - 1973" by Jill Halcomb Smith, Vol I, pages 395 - 466 and Vol II pages 107 - 143.



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