U06089t1 - Pre WWII U. S. Army Mess Kit Eating Utensils

U06089t1 - Pre WWII U. S. Army Mess Kit Eating Utensils

These are from the late 1930’s and / or early 1940’s.

The fork and spoon are made of zinc plated steel instead of the later stainless steel. I see no maker's marks on them, but both are "U.S." marked in front of the tear drop shaped cutout in the handle used to dunk messware in boiling water to sterilize them. (WWI utensils did not have this cutout.) The fork has part of a soldier's army serial number stamped into this area (H-4020). Marking a soldier's equipment with the first letter of his last name and the last 4 digits of his army serial number is a WWII era practice. This again helps date the fork and spoon.

The knife has a black Bakelite handle and a mild steel blade instead of a stainless steel blade and aluminum handle. On one side the handle is marked "U.S." and on the other "L.F.& C. / 1941". "L.F.& C." stands for Landers, Frary & Clark. The knife blade has turned gray, but has not been sharpened.

I purchased these at a flea market about 40 miles west of St. Louis.



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