U08081-5 WWII U.S. Non-Combatant Gas Mask, Child Size

U08081-5 WWII U.S. Non-Combatant Gas Mask, Child Size

This gas mask is in near mint condition, except for slight age and soil.  It comes complete with its original cloth carrying case.

This is a child size example of the standard WWII U. S. Civil Defense gas mask. It consists of a gray ruberized canvas face piece with clear plastic eye pieces, an adjustable gray elastic head harness and a gray metal canister containing the adsorbant, attached directly to the face piece. Instructions for use are printed on the canister. The air intake flapper valve located on the end of the canister is pliable, as is the outlet flapper valve located on the left side of the chin in the face piece. The face piece shows very little of the age hardening frequently found in the gas masks. Paint is near 100%, with a tiny bit of rust on the bottom rim of the canister (about 1 1/2") The mask has "child" molded into the face piece. It also has a stamped lot number.

The cloth carrying case is also in near mint condition except for minor soiling. It is made of a light weight canvas bag with a web shoulder strap which adjusts via a friction buckle. The mask slips into the top of the bag which is closed over the mask and secured with a snap. The front bag is marked "US / (Chemical Corps crossed retorts-benzene ring) / Noncombatant Gas Mask / M1A2-1-1 / Child" in black printing. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the bag.

I purchased this from the estate of a retired U. S. Army officer.



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