U09066-1 - Zinc Plated Mess Kit

U09066-1 - Zinc Plated Mess Kit

Early WWII mess kit (meat can) made of zinc plated sheet steel.  Uncommon.

This mess kit is in the standard M1942 configuration, but is the early zinc plated sheet steel material of construction. The plate section has a wide groove made to rest on the handle of the pan section with the crook of the pan handle inserted into the D-ring of the plate section. This is supposed to allow for easier one hand carrying in the chow line.

Mess kits made of zinc or tin plated sheet steel were phased out of service because they were prone to corrosion / rust and were not particularly sanitary. There are places that are difficult to clean. This example is complete with the d-ring on the divided plate section. It does have a little rust, and the finish has turned dark gray. It does show normal field use.

The stamped steel handle is marked "U.S. / T.A.C.U. CO. / 1942".

Reference: "Doughboy to GI" by Kenneth Lewis, pages 210 to 212.



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