U09105X3 WWII Olive Green Ammo Belt, M1923

U09105X3 WWII Olive Green Ammo Belt, M1923

Later WWII M1923 ten pocket ammunition belt in excellent condition.

This olive green belt has 10 flapped pockets for rifle ammunition clips. Each pocket is secured with a lift-the-dot fastener. The stitching is of a lighter color, as is normal for WWII produced belts. Each pocket contains a clip retaining strap with smooth top snap. The purpose of this strap was to secure the rear clip in place so it wouldn't be lost when the user removed the front clip. He then had to unsnap the strap to access the rear clip. This feature was deleted in the late WWII belts.

The M1923 Ammunition belt is manufactured in 3 parts: a right side consisting of 5 pockets, a left side also consisting of 5 pockets and a rear connecting strap. The rear connecting strap attaches to the sides with a friction buckle. These friction buckles are also used to adjust the belt length.

The right side is marked "U.S." on the front next to the male half of the buckle. The left side is maker marked and dated on the reverse, near the female half of the buckle. These maker marks and dates are normally rather difficult to read on WWII produced belts, and this one is no exception. The maker appears to be Cupples, or something similar. The date below the maker appears to be 1943. These belts were also produced post WWII, but they are marked with more information in several lines (Contract numbers, etc.) WWII belts had 2 lines, the top being the manufacturer and the bottom line the year of manufacture. This belt has only 2 lines, making it a definite WWII belt.

The belt is in excellent condition with little wear.

I bought this item at a local flea market.

Reference: "U.S. Martial Web Belts and Bandoliers: 1903-1981" by R. Stephen Dorsey.

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